JUELL 3D HR w/1kg Resin

JUELL 3D HR w/1kg Resin
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  • Item #: PDR-J3D-HR
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Price $3,995.00

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BOOTH # D-64



Technology: UV/DLP/LED

Net Build Volumn (xyz): 120x67.5x150mm OR 4.75x2.66x5.91 inches

Maximum Build Height: 150mm (5.91in)

Native Resolution (xy)*: 1920x1080

Layer Resolution (xy): 25/50 microns

Layer Thickkness (z): Down to 5 microns

Vertical Build Speed: Up to 10 mm/hour

Build Plate: Oxygen Permeable Membrane Alloy

Material:  JUELL 3D Flash OC, Windows based OS

File Input:  .stl

Electrical Requirements: 100-220V 50/60Hz

Footprint:  14.17x12.20x22.24 inches

Warranty:  Limited One-Year