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  • Item #: WJ3D PRIORITY
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Price $2,500.00


$2500 Per Year

JUELL PRIORITY - the fastest, most comprehensive level of support from the 3D printing experts at Park Dental Research. JUELL PRIORITY makes you a priority and will help you get the maximum benefit and
productivity by providing support as quickly as possible.  All customers under this plan will receive a response from a JUELL 3D technician within 24 hours. JUELL 3D technicians will help you troubleshoot any
printer-related issues with hardware or software up to four (4) hours per month ($480 per month value). Hours do not accumulate and will reset at the beginning of each month. If technical support exceeds four (4) hours per month, the customer will be billed at a discounted tech time rate of $40 per hour. This plan covers the replacement and/or repair of all parts covered under the original factory warranty except the LED for the projection system. The LED will be discounted and billed at cost plus 25%.  Shipping fees are not included. Any new software updates or patches of JUELL 3D Flash OC Software will be provided at no additional charge. JUELL PRIORITY customers will not be charged for labor for onsite repairs. The customer will be responsible for the cost of airfare for onsite repairs, support and training. Park Dental will provide car rental, meals and one night of lodging per incident for a JUELL 3D technician. JUELL PRIORITY is intended for personnel already trained during initial installation. Customers will be billed at the discounted tech time rate of $40 per hour for training new users on JUELL 3D-2 hardware and software. Consumables such as resin and membranes are not covered under JUELL PRIORITY or any other warranty. This warranty covers only one printer and will be registered per serial number for identification.


Response within 24 Hours

Support Hours: Monday – Friday* 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST

*excluding holidays



IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure of parts or damage caused by user error or general misuse, including but not limited to bypassing prompts of placement of the membrane during the movement of the Z-Axis, or resin spills inside the printer, will void all warranties without refund. Failure of parts or damage caused by natural disaster, fire or flood are not covered by warranty. Consumables such as resin and membranes are not covered under any extended warranty plans.