It features
- Computer chip programming: reliable and steady running;
- Digital display: precise timing, ensuring high passing rate of the moulding;
- Touch switch: easy operation and modern appearance;
- Far infrared heating: instant heating, high efficiency,
low energy consumption;
- Adopting advanced material and components for automatic control.
Power Supply: 220V(or 110V)±10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption: < 850W
Heating time: adjustable between 2-120 sec
Pressing time: adjustable between 2-60 sec
Heating temperature: adjustable between 120 °C ~ 240 °C
(to adapt to different moulding film)
Working pressure: adjustable between 0.3 - 0.5Mpa
(to adapt to different moulding film)
Applicable moulding film: diameter 125 mm, thickness 0.8mm-4 mm


JUELL 3D VacuuPress Model VP1, Pressure Moulding Unit is easy-operating, high-efficient and durable. It adopts positive pressure to process the moulding film that is already softened through heating. The pressure is far more intensive than the power of vacuum forming, thus achieving better moulding effect, producing braces or mouthguards that fit more tightly to the model, which is a visible improvement compared with the traditional method of vacuum forming.