Juell Cure Cube 360

Juell Cure Cube 360
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     JUELL 3D Cure Cube 360 is the 3D printing industries highest quality, rapid curing station for 3D printed models. JUELL 3D has developed the Cure Cube 360 to make a more efficient workflow for any provider.  

Below are the specifications: 

Technical Specification

Technology:                                UV/LED

UV Light Voltage Output:           150 Volts

UV curing Range:                       390-405 NM

Cure Speed:                               Varible depending on color, size, and resin usage. 

Curable Material:                        405 NM UV

Software:                                    Digital Time 24v

Cure Cube Weight:                     39.2 lbs.

Electronic Requirements:           110-220v 50/60Hz

Footprint:                                    16 x 16 x 12in. 

Warranty:                                    90 Day


      JUELL 3D Cure Cube 360 is available for preorder and has a projected shipping range of the last week of January 2018. Product image is a prototype and may vary in minor appearances, and final details for completed product. Purchaser acknowledges Park Dental is working to develope the highest quality product, and any delays in preorders may occur due to products optimal development before shipping. JUELL Cure Cube 360 is a rapid curing station that varies in curing time per model due to variables in model structures and element components. For optimal use, please consult a Park Dental Associate in final use of product. Sale price reflects preorder price with additional $200 off.